Flamingos VS Pelican’s

Smashing a total of 30 records at this year’s RBCS Inter House Gala, the RBCS swimmers put heart and strength into each race. Supporters cheered their swimmers on to victory on Friday afternoon at the Arboretum swimming pool!

Victrix and Victor Ludorum results:

Junior Girl- Kacey Hughes (Broke 4 records)

Junior Boy- Owen Stead (Broke 2 records)

Intermediate Girls- Abigail Diedericks, Hayley Diedericks (Broke 1 record), Danika Van Zyl (Broke 1 record)

Intermediate Boy- Mackenzie Gouws (Broke 4 records) 

Senior Girl – Samantha Dreyer (Broke 2 records)

Senior Boy – Jaron Weyermüller (Broke 5 records)

Two new trophies were added to the list this year; Winning House and a Spirit Trophy were up for grabs.

The race was neck and neck, but Flamingos won with a total of 1306 points as opposed to Pelican’s 1251 points and walked away with the Spirit Trophy to boot. We wait in anticipation for next year……..when Flamingos and Pelicans will meet yet again…

Richards Bay Christian School (RBCS) Inter House Gala

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